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[np_storybar title=”Video: Helicopter crash in London” link=”#1″][/np_storybar]

Police say it is astonishing only two people died when a helicopter crashed onto a busy road during the morning rush hour in London.

An extraordinary set of circumstances limited the death toll to a pedestrian and the helicopter pilot — Pete Barnes, 50, who had won an award for bravery while flying an air ambulance and was a stunt pilot and camera helicopter pilot in movies such as the James Bond film Die Another Day.

Emergency workers who scrambled to the scene had expected the death toll to be “much, much worse”, but instead they came across a series of astonishingly narrow escapes, including a baby who was unharmed despite a piece of wreckage smashing through his parents’ car roof and onto the seat next to him.

The helicopter crashed and fuel exploded in a fireball in an area almost entirely clear…

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